Testing as unique as your
individual patient

Why phenobiome

Comprehensive Health Analysis

We don’t just measure microbes in the gut. We provide a complete picture of an individual’s gut microbiome by assessing the metabolic pathways and physiological properties that rely on the gut microbiome to thrive.

Unparalleled Accuracy

While many companies rely on publicly available data, our science team has spent the last decade manually curating and annotating thousands of microbiome datasets, enabling us to maximize the accuracy of our results.

Exceptional Depth of Understanding

Our science team has been able to identify the specific bacteria that contribute to over 100 physiological functions in the human body, offering a deeper understanding of your patient’s microbiome.

How it works

Order a test
Dropship or requests kits in clinic
Collect and return sample
Prepaid envelope provided
View results in portal
We will email you when results are ready